EP. 072 – Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay & Riot Games Response

It’s Episode 72 of the The Backspace Nomads Podcast. On this episode, hosts Brian & Monica talk about the gameplay footage released from Cyberpunk 2077. After that they run through and give their opinion on Riot Games response to the outing of their culture of sexual harassment and discrimination. Also Dream Daddy has been released into Comic Book form and it has to be good! Finally we dive in and try to figure out what type of gamer are you?

Show Rundown:
00:03 – Intro
00:30 – Question: Which gaming character would you box?
06:30 – Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage
18:50 – Riot Games Response
27:30 – Dream Daddy Comic Book
34:15 – What Kind of Gamer Are You?


EP. 071 – Nerd History & Olympic Esports

It’s Episode 71 of the The Backspace Nomads Podcast. On this episode, hosts Brian & Monica talk about Esports possibly being part of the Winter Olympics. After that they look into the new Interactive Amusement park, Two Bit Circus. Finally for the main segment, we talk about the history and Gaming Culture, and what it has meant to be a gamer throughout the years.


Show Rundown:

00:03 – Intro

00:30 – Question: What is the best game you’ve binged?

09:20 – Esports in the Winter Olympics

19:50 – Two Bit Circus

27:48 – Nerd History


EP. 070 – Consoles Obsolete? Girl Gamer Dolls & Politics in Gaming!

👋 Hey Nomads!

On this episode of the nerd podcast, we discuss whether or not gaming consoles will have a place in our lives in the near future. Also Microsoft and American Girl are teaming up to make a Gaming Doll for young female gamer. Finally we talk about Politics in Gaming and what responsibilities developers have when making their games.

Show Rundown:
7:00 IGN Plagiarism Follow Up
10:56 Consoles Becoming Obsolete?
19:19 American Girl Gamer Doll
25:00 Politics in Gaming

Ep. 069 – IGN Plagiarism, Ninja on Female Streamers & Sexism at Riot Games

👋 Hey Nomads!

It’s Episode 69 of The Backspace Nomads Podcast! On this episode of the gaming podcast we talk about the IGN Plagiarism that happened with their Dead Cell review. Fallout 76 not being published on Steam. Ninja and the reason why he doesn’t play with female streamers. Finally we discuss the Polygon article chronicling the sexism that has been on going at Riot Games.

Show Rundown:
5:58 IGN Plagiarism
15:18 Fallout 76 off Steam
23:27 Ninja and Female Streamers
33:24 Sexism at Riot

Ep. 068 – Fortnite Tutors, No Man’s Skys Redemption, Toxic Men of Gaming

👋 Hey Nomads!

Episode 68 of The Backspace Nomads Podcast! On this Episode we talk about the Fortnite Tutor’s who are now being hired, the unlikely return of No Man’s Sky, and finally discuss Toxic Men of Gaming a article from Polygon.

Show Rundown:
6:00 Fortnite Tutors
13:00 No Man’s Skys Redemtion
25:44 Toxic Men of Gaming

Polygon’s Toxic Men of Gaming

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Ep. 067 – F2P Games, Culling 2, High School Esports & James Gunn

Episode 67 of The Backspace Nomads Podcast! We discuss F2P Games like Warframe and Fortnite and effect on the industry. The Culling 2’s failure to launch. The new venture of PlayVS kickstarting High School Esports. Finally we talk a bit about James Gunn and him being fired from Disney.

Show Rundown:

0:25 Favorite Gaming Snack

7:24 F2P Games

15:38 Culling 2

26:53 PlayVS & High School Esports

41:07 James Gunn & Disney



Ep. 064 – Google Will Ruin Gaming.

On this episode of the gaming podcast, we talk about ask ourselves what our favorite age was for gaming. Then we discuss PUBG’s Bluehole dropping their lawsuit against Fornite developer Epic; also Bethesda’s new lawsuit against Warner. After this we dive into Google’s new gaming console that they have been developing for some time. Finally we wrap the show with a discussion about what video game companies we want to ‘cover’ other games.

Show Rundown:
0:35 : Catching Up
8:00 : What Age Is Our Favorite Gaming Self?
18:00 : PUBG Dropping It’s Fortnite Lawsuit
23:00 : Bethesda Suing Warner
30:00 : Google’s Gaming Console
39:30 : Game Companies Gaming Covers

Ep. 063 – Gaming Subscriptions, Toxic Communities, & Gaming Addiction.

On this episode of the gaming podcast we talk about the idea of Gaming Subscription models that are all the rage inside of the industry. After that we discuss what the most toxic gaming communities are. Finally we talk about the WHO’s decisions to add gaming as a full blown addiction.

Show Rundown:
0:35 : Catching Up
8:10 : Gaming Subscription Models
44:30 : Gaming Addiction

Ep. 062 – E3 2018 Press Conferences! EA, Microsoft & Bethesda.

On this episode of the gaming podcast we talk about the E3 2018 Press Conferences so far! EA, Microsoft and Bethesda have all made their big press conferences and we dive in to give our thoughts and opinions on them. We also give our predictions for the remaining Press Conferences for E3 2018

Show Rundown:
0:35 : Catching Up
1:40 : EA Press Conference
15:00 : Microsoft Press Conference
23:00 : Bethesda Press Conference
42:20 : E3 2018 Press Conference Predictions