Ep. 025 of Backspace Nomads, on this episode of the video game podcast – we review The End is Nigh, a new indie game from a co-creator of The Binding of Issac. After the review, the Twitch streamer IAmThyDecoy joins the podcast! Decoy takes part in a small game where we choose our teams for the coming Gaming Apocalypse – then she shares with us her Time of Game: The Months of Mortal Kombat 3.


IAmThyDecoy streams Saturdays on Twitch.TV you can connect with her through the links below.


Ep 024 of Backspace Nomads! On this ep of the gaming podcast we look at the new indie release from Versus Evil, Antihero. After that, Moblord from The Party & Streamer News joins us to take part in a Video Game – Dating Game before he shares with us his Time of Game: The Weekend of Everquest.

Thanks of Moblord for joining the Podcast, you can check him and The Party out at these links.


Episode 023 of Backspace Nomads! On this Podcast, we talk about DLC’s in gaming before we get into the review for Red Hook’s new DLC for Darkest Dungeon, The Crimson Court. After that the Twitch.tv Partner Skinned Teen joins us! She takes on the role of an actor in the first Nomads Theater where we recreate a scene from Red Dead Redemption. After that SkinnedTeen shares her Time of Game – The Summer of Friday the 13th. You can find SkinnedTeen with these links before!

https://www twitch.tv/skinnedteen



Episode 022 of Backspace Nomads. On this episode of the gaming podcast, we’re talking about the future of mods and the gaming industry in light of TakeTwo’s cease and desist of Open IV and Bethesda’s launching of Creation Club. After that, we look at the PC and iOS puzzle solver, Flood of Light from Irisloft. Our guest on this episode is TheRealVolkie, a streamer from Twitch.tv; TheRealVolkie joins us for a round of The Price is Left Left Right. Finally, TheRealVolkie shares with us his Time of Game – The Months of NES.

A big thank you to TheRealVolkie for coming on the pod and sharing his story! You can find him on his Twitch stream, and Twitter with the links below:


Episode 021 of Backspace Nomads. On this episode of the video game podcast, we take a look and give an early access review of the game Dead Cells from Motion Twin. After that, we dig into the news and discussion coming out of the small gaming convention E3. Finally, we wrap the podcast talking about Gaming Movies and what games deserve to be turned into movies.